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7 Best Methods For Optimizing Slide Presentations For Local SEO

It is safe to say that you are looking past recordings and pictures in your nearby advancement endeavors?

There are distinctive sorts of media that organizations may use in completing substance showcasing and nearby SEO.

Nonetheless, most neighborhood organizations neglect to use the power that can come through making and sharing slideshow introductions.

Best Methods To Optimize Slide Presentations For Local SEO In 2017

Just like other forms of internet information, slideshows can easily be optimized and shared in order to enlarge the “buzz” around your business name and internet presence. Usually, slideshows can be a vehicle for a few local citations and inbound links.

And, just as with blog posts, slideshows can be an efficient communications vehicle for getting more potential clients.

1. Put important info in your footer/header.

Your presentation template’s footer or header should also integrate a small amount of citation info, such as your address, name, Twitter handle, or phone number.

2. Mostly use text on the slides.

When designing your slideshow presentation in programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, make sure to primarily use text.

Specific organizations may hire a designer to make their slide presentations, and the slideshow expert might make graphic photos, such as PNG, JPG, or GIF format. They embed the words found in the graphic and utilize those words instead of normal text.

By doing this, it will probably decrease (or completely negate) the keyword ranking capability of the presentation. Because of this, you should go with simple designs with text instead of something that is all graphics.

3.  Optimize the title slide.

The slide title is probably the most important for local SEO purposes, so ensure you design it carefully.

Integrate keywords that are valuable in the major title headline and attempt to add your business’s name, phone number, address, and site URL onto that first slide.

4. Optimize your final slide.

The slide that is last in a presentation is very significant.

Integrate your contact information there, adding in your business name, phone number, website URL, address, and links to your best social media accounts.

5. Upload to Slideshare.

Slideshare is the most famous slide sharing service. It is operated by LinkedIn, and it offers some additional connectivity benefits.

6. Use other slide sharing platforms.

There is a number of extra presentation sharing services apart from Slideshare, and some could also offer other local SEO advantages.

Instead of copying your slides across different platforms, I would advise you to either utilize Slideshare or experiment with another that performs well for you.

There are some additional presentation services out there which offer some optimization advantages, but they will need you to create the presentation directly on their platform instead of moving it in.

Prezi is one such alternative. It offers unique transition effects and various display options, and its page ranks very high in search engines.

7. Link to and share your presentation.

You can share your slideshow presentation straight off of your website server and connect to it from your website or blog.

Search engines will list and index links to PowerPoint files. Broadcasting or tweeting out your link may result in getting more inbound links if others like your presentation enough to share it again.

If you make a choice to utilize a slideshow sharing service, remember to link your profile from your blog and/or website.

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