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How to Add a Logo to the Genesis Header

One question I get asked often is how to add a logo to the Genesis header. To add an image logo to your header you ideally would want access to sever files through FTP. However, it is entirely possibly to do with without FTP access by using the media library and the admin file editor […]

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Sample for Blog-Article Posting at website Upwork Cover Letter

Upwork cover letter Dear sir {Explain something about you} I have got your job posting “Job Title” and I am very much interested to work in your project. I am a pro blogger and have more than 6 years experiences of blog writing, Posting and SEO. So, I think you’ll find, I have the skills […]

Increase your website traffic in 5 simple ways

Traffic is very important to every website to increase website rank. To increase your website global ranking and get more payment from the ads it is very necessary tasks to get more traffic. So every one try to increase traffic to there website. So here I will guide you how you can easily improve your […]


Top 5 Unique Ways to Better Connect With Your Audience Through Surveys

Top 5 Unique Ways to Better Connect With Your Audience Through Surveys

Would you agree that knowing the goals, passions, and struggles of your audience would grow your blog quickly? If so, you’d be right. But how do you get in the mind of your audience? The best way to intimately understand your audience is through surveys. I want to share with you 5 unique ways you […]

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IPhone SEO Apps You Must Use In 2017

You must have felt that it is too boring to be chained to your desktop for doing SEO for your website. Laptop and tablets are really good option because they give you freedom to roam anywhere and at the same stay connected to your SEO campaigns. Now the iPhone has bring a major revolution because now […]