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7 Things Android Users Can Do That Apple iPhone Users Can Only Dream Of

Android users rejoice – your phones come with a range of unique features and functions that your fruit-flavored rivals can only dream of.

Google’s Android and Apple iOS devices have become public rivals over the last few years, as consumers increasingly choose to side with one or the other. Despite the two companies actually working slightly more closely together in the last few months, it seems that the battle for smartphone hearts and minds is set to continue for a while yet – but Android fans can at least take heart from the fact that their devices can boast the following stand-out features.

Get More Choice In Their Device

To begin with, Android has long been viewed as the more open and inclusive system. Apple is the only company currently making devices that run iOS – and that leaves customers with less choice. In contrast, Google’s open-source operating system is open to everyone, with manufacturers building everything from cheap phones to high-end flagship devices.

Far from being stuck in a one or two-year product cycle, Android users have a huge amount of devices to choose from to enjoy their software – and, processing power apart, many will, in fact, inter-relate and work well together, with setting up and getting running a quick and simple process.

Personalize Their Devices

Another well-publicized selling point for Android devices is the sheer amount of customization available. And it’s not just the wider array of hardware styles and sizes. From a software perspective, Android devices again offer much more.Almost all leading Android manufacturers allow for the creation of customized backgrounds, lock screen images, color schemes, even the service you use to type.
Whether it’s a picture of your pet, loved one or even just a snappy picture, the ability to set your phone to your liking is a major selling point for Android owners. Many leading devices also allow users to mold and personalize how the software looks.HTC recently added the ability to use custom stickers to represent apps – letting users transform their grid of apps into a cartoonist work of art, with each character representing a favorite Android app. Regardless of the quality of the end result, it’s undoubtedly more personal than Apple’s clinical grid of app icons.

Amazing Widgets

Another key part of the customization is Android’s use of widgets. Going one-step beyond apps by acting as a constant presence on your home screen (or any other screen, if you’d prefer), widgets make getting the information you need, when you need it, quick and simple. Without needing to fire up an app, users can check the weather, monitor calendar appointments for the day, or track your footsteps or other fitness information – all speedily at your fingertips.
Android devices will come with a wide number of widget options pre-installed or offer up a number of new alternatives via the Google Play app store – meaning you need never miss out on key information.
Apple did introduce its own version of widgets last year, but these are much more limited than their Android counterparts and are imprisoned within the notification area.

Add Extra And More Flexible Storage

Lots of us today use our phones for much more than just calls, as many Android devices now carry a camera powerful enough to take extremely detailed shots. But what if you want to quickly move and upload these pictures onto your home PC or laptop?
For iOS users, this often requires the fiddly installation of extra programs and going through several steps to ensure that the files you want are going to the right place. However, Android users are able to just plug and play their devices, thanks to the ubiquity of USB and USB-C chargers that power the majority of devices on the market today.
All that’s needed is a quick swipe down to tell the device that you want it to act as an extra drive, and you’re all set to use it as you would a regular USB stick, able to drag, copy and shift around all those precious files.
Adding extra storage space to Android devices is also far easier than Apple phones, as the former often come with support for micro-SD cards, which let you hold on to more of your treasured content without having to make tough decisions about what to keep or delete.

Multi-Tasking Via Multi-Window

With all these apps and widgets on your phone, sometimes things can get a little cluttered – especially if you don’t have a particularly big screen. Phone manufacturers have in the last few months finally woken up to the idea that multi-tasking can be done on smartphones, and for now at least, Android is leading the way.
Many of the top devices, including Samsung’s flagships, offer multi-screen views when using your device, similar to the split or quad screen experience you can have on a Windows PC, meaning you can have multiple apps in operation at the same time.
This is often hugely useful for those of us who like to work or check various news feeds on the go – but for iOS users, the function is limited to tablet devices such as the iPad, whereas smartphones are left behind.

Smoother Notifications

Notifications are a key part of staying on top of both your important communications and various social media feeds, so it’s often vital that they stick around where you can see them. However, for iOS users, this can often be tricky, as unlocking and re-locking their device will cause lock screen notifications to disappear – meaning you could miss something crucial.
Android devices, however, will keep both their icons and notification presence until dismissed or accessed, meaning there’s no danger of missing out.

Free Up Space Quickly

Some of the apps you use will often download photos, videos, and other data onto your phone whilst you use them. This is particularly true for apps that use photos and videos such as Vine, Twitter, and Instagram, which often use a lot of storage space to keep information related to these downloads.
If you have an iPhone, you can usually only get this space back by deleting and re-installing the app (unless – like Google Maps – the developer has included the option within the app itself) which can be extremely restrictive, particularly if you have a smaller capacity device.
However for Android users, these apps often include an option to simply clear the cache, quickly freeing up space that iOS versions cannot – and even if not, you can also clear the cache of an app in the Android software.

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How Is the iPhone 7 Different From the iPhone 6S?

Every iPhone model with a full-number name—the iPhone 5, 6, or 7, for instance—introduces major changes over the previous “S” model. That’s true when it comes to the iPhone 7.

In many instances, those changes include a brand new shape and look. That’s not the case with the iPhone 7, which uses the same physical design as the iPhone 6S. But that same design hides profound changes to the internals of the iPhone 7. Here are the top 9 ways that the iPhone 7 is different from the iPhone 6S.

1. iPhone 7 Has No Headphone Jack

This is the probably the thing most people think of as the biggest change between the two models (I’m not sure it actually matters that much, though). The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a traditional headphone jack. Instead, headphones attach to it via the Lightning port (or wirelessly if you buy the US$159AirPods). Apple reportedly did this to make more room inside the iPhone for a better 3D Touch sensor. Whatever the reason, this makes the iPhone 6S and the iPhone SE that last models to sport standard headphone jacks. Whether this turns out to be a trend-setting change will take years to play out, but for the near term, expect to buy a few of the $9 replacement adapters to connect your existing headphones to the Lightning port (one comes free with the phone).

2. iPhone 7 Plus’ Dual Camera System

This difference is only present on the iPhone 7 Plus, but for mobile photographers, it’s a huge deal. The back camera on the 7 Plus actually has two 12-megapixel cameras, not one. The second lens provides telephoto features, supports up to 10x zoom, and allows for sophisticated depth-of-field effects that had not been previously possible on the iPhone. Combine these features with the four flashes included on both the 7 and 7 Plus and the camera system on the iPhone is truly impressive. For most users, it will be best camera they’ve ever owned and a huge step up from the already-very-good camera on the 6S. For some users, it may even rival the quality of high-end DSLR cameras.

3. Redesigned Home Button

The 6S introduced the 3D Touch, which allows the iPhone’s screen to recognize how hard you’re pressing it and respond in different ways. The 7 has the same screen, but adds 3D Touch functionality to another location—it’s in the iPhone 7’s Home button, too. Now, the Home button responds to the strength of your touch. Actually, the new Home button isn’t a button at all—it’s just a flat panel with 3D Touch features. This makes the button less likely to break, aids in dust- and waterproofing (more on that in a minute), and offers potential new functionality for the button.

4. Increased Storage Capacity: Now Up to 256 GB

This change will be a godsend for people with huge music or movie libraries or who take tons of photos and videos. The iPhone 6S stretched the maximum storage capacity for the iPhone line to 128 GB. That doubled the iPhone 6’s 64 GB. The iPhone 7 follows the trend of doubling storage, with 256 GB now being the highest capacity iPhone available. There are improvements to the smaller capacities, too. The introductory storage capacity is also doubled from 16 GB to 32 GB. Running out of storage used to be a concern for people with 16 GB models. That’s not likely to be true for as many people in the future.

5. 40% Faster Processor

Virtually every iPhone is built around a new, faster processor that serves as the brain of the phone. That’s true of the iPhone 7, too. It runs Apple’s new A10 Fusion processor, which is a quad-core, 64-bit chip. Apple says it’s 40% faster than the A9 used in the 6S series and twice as fast as the A8 used in the 6 series. Combining its extra horsepower with new features built into the chip designed to conserve power means you’ll not only have a faster phone, but also better battery life (about 2 hours more life than the 6S, on average, according to Apple).

6. Second Speaker Means Stereo Sound

The iPhone 7 is the first iPhone model to sport a dual-speaker system. All previous iPhone models had a single speaker at the bottom of the phone. The 7 has that same speaker at the bottom, but it also uses the speaker that you normally use to listen to phone calls as a second audio output. This should make listening to music and movies, and playing games, more immersive and exciting. It’s the perfect addition to a device that is so closely tied to multimedia.

7. Improved Screens Mean Better-Looking Images

The screens used on the iPhone 7 series look great thanks to Retina Display technology. But many iPhones have that. These are even better because they can display an increased color range. Increased color range allows the iPhone to display more colors and to have them look more natural. Even better, the screen is also 25% brighter, which provides an additional image-quality boost.

A similar technology was introduced with the iPad Pro. The iPad’s screen technology relies on a series of sensors to check ambient light levels and adjust the color performance of the screen dynamically. The changes with the new iPhone don’t go quite that far—probably because it would have been hard to fit the extra sensors in the case—but the color range change alone is significant.

8. A Safer iPhone Thanks to Dust- and Waterproofing

The first-generation Apple Watch was the first Apple product that featured waterproofing to protect it against an unexpected bath. It complied with the IPX7 standard, which means that the Watch can sustain submersion in up to 1 meter (a little over 3 feet) of water for up to 30 minutes. The iPhone 7 series has both waterproofing and also dustproofing to keep two environmental menaces away. It meets the IP67 standard for dust- and water-proofing. While not the first smartphones to offer this feature, the 7 is the first iPhone model to have this level of protection.

9. New Color Options

The iPhone 6S introduced a new color to the iPhone line up: rose gold. This was in addition to the traditional gold, space gray, and silver. Those options change with the iPhone 7.

Space gray is gone, replaced by black and jet black. Black is a fairly traditional version of black. Jet black is a high-gloss, shiny finish, which is only available on the 128 GB and 256 GB models. Apple has cautioned, though, that jet black is prone to”micro-abrasions,” a fancy way of saying you should expect it to scuff. That’s the downside of a highly polished back, but reports say it looks and feels so great that it’s worth it.

Both models still come in silver, gold, and rose gold, too.

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Become a Rising Talent On Upwork Without Getting Any Project

Become a Rising Talent On Upwork Without Getting Any Project

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Just like you do on Upwork.com, you can set your own rate. Most of our Pro developers charge between $40 and $70/hour, though it can range up to $150 per hour for some projects and opportunities. However, Pro developers set their own rates and have the potential to earn substantially more on Pro projects than on standard projects since Pro clients are willing to pay higher rates for the quality and convenience of Pro.


After qualifying a client and understanding their technical requirements, we will post the job as a private job visible only to Pro Developers within a particular skill area. Interested/available developers can apply through Upwork and we pick the best match for the client to consider. Clients will interview one or two developers to ensure fit and select one.


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Mohit Saini is a freelancer and is actively engaged with several websites providing with articles on technology. He likes to stay updated with the current tech news related to Web Hosting and Domain Registration. For any questions, mail him 11mohitsaini@gmail.com