Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is an incredible tool to drive traffic to your blog or website. Like many bloggers, I make SEO easy by utilizing the Yoast plugin. At the bottom of each post I fill out the search engine title for the post, the focus keyword, and a meta description (brief description of what the blog post is about).

Additionally, when I’m naming photos to use on my blog, I name them strategically based on what I think people would google to find the post. For instance, my image for this post is named “Don’t-Always-Need-SEO.jpg”. When I uploaded it to my media in WordPress, I added the Title, Alternative Title, and Description. This will ensure that when your image is pinned from your blog or website, that the pin description is exactly what you want it to be.

So yes, SEO is great and if you’re trying to bring traffic to your blog or website, you need it. But what about when you don’t?

On my lifestyle blog, when I write personal posts, I don’t fill out the Yoast plugin. Sure, someone might google something related to my personal ramblings. But those posts are primarily written for my existing readers and as an outlet for me.

If your blog is primarily personal and is written for friends or family, you probably don’t need SEO. The people you want to find your blog already have.

If you aren’t blogging to grow your audience or monetize, there isn’t much need to focus on SEO.

SEO is all about how much you want to be found.

As a blogger who bounces back and forth between personal and informational or entertainment topics, I choose to work on SEO on some posts and not others. There is no requirement that your blog either has to be one or the other.

Not every post needs to have SEO. Some posts are just for you or your existing readers. Sometimes you can write to just write. And that’s okay.

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